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Sports SUST organizes all types of sports events in SUST campus both indoor and outdoor including major events like Champions League, Cricket Slam, Womens’ Cricket Tournament, Basketball Tournament, Indoor Games, Cyber Games and so on.


Training sessions like Referee training, Football training and other physical trainings are held by Sports SUST on a regular basis. Sports SUST also has a training school named Sports SUST School for implying on basic training of different sports played in the campus.


Sports SUST holds reputation in taking part in so many charity events for raising funds. Sports SUST also works for the betterment of unprivileged kids through organizing Kids’ Football Tournament every year.

Sports SUST live


Final: FC Kopa United vs FC Hudaai

FC Kopa United 0 (3)-0 (1) FC Hudaai Man of The Final: Saeed (FCKU)


Semi Final 2- FC Phoenix vs FC Kopa United

Fc Kopa United 1-0 Fc Phoenix Man of the match- Raju( FC Kopa United) FC Kopa United Qualifies for the Finals.


Semi Final 1- FC Hudaai vs XOAS

Fc Hudai 2–1 Xoas Man of The Match- Khaled (Fc Hudaai) Fc Hudaai Qualifies for the Finals.

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What our role models say

Sports SUST is not an organization to me, its like my life. Not a single day in my campus life went without thinking about Sports SUST & I’m sure this will continue for lifetime. Sports SUST is a gathering of huge number of people and those people are only made for it.

Niaz Ahmed President, 12th Executive Committee, Sports SUST

SPORTS SUST, this is the name that makes me smile in any situation. Whenever I think about my campus life, this name comes very first in my mind. For me, SPORTS SUST was my permanent address in SUST campus when I was there, and I know it’ll remain always.

Naureen Khanam Aurna Vice President, 10th Executive Committee, Sports SUST


About us

Sports SUST started its journey in the campus in 2005 with its first ever event with an intention to give the university a meaningful stage of organizing sports. Since then, Sports SUST never had to look back and it has been adding feather to its crown through organizing the signature sports events in the campus every year. These are not the only events that made Sports SUST come to the position they are in today. As a platform to organize sports tournaments, Sports SUST has received a lot of admiration and recognition from the whole country for their dedication and creativity. Sports SUST has been doing it for years, through the dedication of the members everyday, the organization has been growing new wings, to fly a step further, a step higher, to rise to another level, to glorify another summit. And the competition goes on, for the composition of life.

Sports SUST Anthem