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Proverb Says, the biggest of the revolutions starts from the smallest of the incidents. The same goes for Sports SUST. The inauguration of the only sporting organization in the campus was NOT a result of years of planning! It was a result of some scattered thoughts only, when a bunch of brave guys thought about forming an organization to hold professional sports tournaments in the campus. Yes, that was it. Forming an organization is not as difficult as running it consistently over years. Sports SUST is currently one of the most popular, most widespread and definitely one of the most effective organizations in the campus with a developed alumni association and reputation throughout the country. But this didn’t happen overnight. Year after year, with the dedication of the members and the professionalism of the organization took it to a higher level continuously.
Sports SUST started its journey in the campus in 2005 with its first ever event with an intention to give the university a meaningful stage of organizing sports. Since then, Sports SUST never had to look back and it has been adding feather to its crown through organizing the signature sports events in the campus every year. Events like Champions League, Cricket Slam, Women’s Cricket, Award Night of which you definitely have heard of has been held by Sports SUST over years and that too with sheer consistency and professionalism. These are not the only events that made Sports SUST come to the position they are in today. Due to the professionalism shown, now the university badminton team, indoor games team and even football team is selected through the tournaments held by Sports SUST. As a platform to organize sports tournaments, Sports SUST has received a lot of admiration and recognition from the whole country for their dedication and creativity.
Life is a competition, not with others, a competition with yourself. To develop yourself continuously over time, the same goes for a team, a family, an organization. Sports SUST has been doing it for years, through the dedication of the members everyday, the organization has been growing new wings, to fly a step further, a step higher, to rise to another level, to glorify another summit. And the competition goes on, for the composition of life.