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The ultimate power house “DESPAREATE WARRIORS”.

Title champion is the ultimate power house “DESPAREATE WARRIORS”. Teams participated in SPORTS SUST Basketball Title Fight : 1. Desperate Warriors 2. Hoisser Daddy 3. Akhali Bulls… Akhali Bulls, received the honor of being the first team to be eliminated from the tournament. The Glorious final happened between the most valuable team Desperate Warriors and

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Sports SUST Games Fest(SPORTS SUST Basketball Title Fight )

“SPORTS SUST Basketball Title Fight ☠ ☠ ☠” _________________Шḯη ◎ґ Ḡ☺ нøмℯ!!! Information of bidding that happens today(11/05/12) at 5pm. Most Valuable Team : Desperate Warriors. Most valuable Player: Khadem Teams On …. 1. Desperate Warriors 2. Hoisser Daddy 3. Akhali Bulls… Who knows, What’s Next….??? Meet the field tomorrow @ 5pm in the Basketball

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Sports SUST’s Birthday+ T-shirt Launch + Many more !!!

1st Boishakh/14th April , the first day of Bangla year is not only celebrated as pohela Boishakh but also for the birthday of Sports SUST in SUST Campus.Pohela baishakh or 14th April 2005 is the day when Sports SUST started its journey. We believe our journey will end up in the infinity as we have

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T-Shirt Revealed !!!

Sports SUST T-shirt 2012 is on the way. On the occasion of Sports SUST’s birthday in Pohela Boishakh We are going to reveal it to all SUSTians. An epic design in the front-end telling about the most craziest sport olympic and the back-end sealed with Sports SUST’s logo and Official Web address. Meet us in

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Sports SUST’s organizing week launched.

Sports SUST organizing week launched from 2/4/12 this year. This organizing week will continue up to 14th April (the birthday of Sports SUST). The main target  of this organizing week is to collect the best organizers of SUST for organizing different programs that are launched by Sports SUST . Sports SUST is going to celebrate

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