Rules and Regulations

For the very first time “Sports SUST” & “SUSTian Cyclists” are arranging a RACE EVENT in SUST. It’s open for all.

Registration Fee – 100 BDT
Venue – SUST 1 kilo

*** Race Will Be a Time Trial.

*** Rules & Details :: Read Before Joining :::

Route – Kilo road SUST

Race Type – Individual time trial. (An individual time trial is an event in which cyclists race alone against the clock. Each cyclist starts the race from exact same place at different times so that each start is fair and equal. The winner is the cyclist who finishes the race in the fastest time.)

Allowed bike – MTB (No Road bikes/ Fixie will be allowed. No bikes with Drop bars will be allowed)

Tire/ wheel sizes – Participants can use any kind of MTB wheels (26er/27.5er/29er) However tire width of a 26er cannot be thinner than 1.50 inches. For 27.5er/29ers thinnest tires width will be 2.0 inches.

These GENERAL RACING RULES will be followed by the competitors:
(A) Competitors taking part in race must have a clear knowledge and understanding of all
racing rules, and Administrative/Organizational Rules
that controls the race. Competitors must apply these rules to all racing situations.

(B) For safety reasons A competitor cannot remove his hand(s) from the handlebars, without a valid reason.

(C) An approved helmet MUST be worn when racing or warming up.

(D) Competitors must ride their bicycles in a safe manner and comply with either the road traffic regulations or the accepted procedure of the Track.

(E) Disclaimer:
By attending or joining this event, you agree to the following:
“I have read the rules and understand the nature of this event. I agree that I am entering the event at my own risk and take full responsibility for my safety and actions during the event. By attending or joining this event, if any harm, injury, loss, liability or damage is caused to me or my property, Me and any of my family members or representatives shall not hold the organizers of the event liable or responsible for the same.”

01683850456- Shahriar Rahman
01770304191 – Abrar Fahim